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Panasonic Secures Summer Fun at Utah Amusement Park

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Summer is upon us and amusement park season is in full effect.  This also means that concerns about park visitors’ safety while enjoying this summer’s top rollercoasters are high. Utah amusement destination Lagoon Park understood this concern and decided to standardize on i-PRO security cameras as their first and only choice for security, safety and […]

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Panasonic and Luxury Hotel Partner Create a Safer Guest Experience in San Francisco

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Downtown San Francisco is booming, and with its central location to tourist destinations and attractions it greets more than a million guests each year. This, along with the current homeless population in the city, create a unique problem and hotels want to ensure that visitors and hotel guests are safe at all costs while enjoying […]

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Ensuring Mobile Device Security, Part 4: Internal and External Controls

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For IT, maintaining effective mobile security represents a constant endeavor of staying one step ahead of the next threat. Fortunately for our customers across a number of sectors, from transportation and field service to energy and insurance, useful tools and features are available that substantially ease the IT burden, including Mobile Device Management (MDM), BIOS-embedded […]

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