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Ergon Energy Automates Field Crews with Panasonic Toughpad Tablets


From the saltwater coastline to the dirt and dust of the countryside in Queensland, Australia, Ergon Energy field crews travel rough terrain to keep the lights on for 700,000 homes and businesses. The state-owned corporation sends electricity across 97 percent of the state of Queensland, covering 150,000 kilometers (approximately 93,000 miles) of power lines ranging […]

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Taking Measures: Connectivity Security – Part 3

security lock on computer circuit board - computer security and data encryption  concept

In the previous article of our series on mobile device security we looked at issues related to Access Privileges, including smart card technology, biometric scanning, and Trusted Platform Module (TPM). We explored how each of the approaches further enhance actual device protection as well as ensure the integrity of data residing on the hardware. In […]

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Digitizing The Last Mile with Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD)


As an application often bundled with other features on a handheld mobile device, ePoD (electronic proof of delivery) provides real-time electronic delivery confirmation and freight or package delivery tracking. It can include enabling features, such as electronic signature capture, GPS coordinates, and photos to improve documentation and to increase the timeliness and number of accurate […]

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