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Reviewing Your Software And Communication Strategy For Remote Employees

Hans-Peter Merten/Hans-Peter Merten

Remote teams are becoming more and more common as conferencing and productivity technology advances. In those industries where remote work has long been the norm, this is no great revelation. Businesses with remote employees who carry out field operations on a day-to-day basis have almost certainly adopted some sort of dashboard software or CRM which […]

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Study Reveals How Mobile Solutions are Being Utilized and Top Purchase Requirements for Mobile Devices in the Supply Chain


The supply chain is changing almost daily as suppliers compete to deliver products to their customers and achieve the perfect order every time. The background details of order processing and tracking are generally known quantities and software and service providers continue to perfect the systems that manage ordering, processing, tracking, and delivery. But the people […]

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Transforming Healthcare with a Seamless Mobile Experience


In recent years healthcare providers have moved away from stacks of manila folders carrying patient health data to sophisticated EMR/EHR patient records stored on computers, servers and cloud based applications. Easier and more reliable access to digital data storage has dramatically improved accuracy and streamlined patient care. Now organizations are using the power of mobile […]

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Mobile Solutions Enable Better Traceability with RFID

Christopher Kimmel/Christopher Kimmel

New FSMA regulations now require food manufacturers to adopt more consistent and precise track and trace processes for their supply chain. Traceability technology in particular allows organizations to be quick and consistent in identifying and managing product origin and integrity. As a result, organizations can improve process quality and deliver a better product at a […]

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