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Faster Care, Lower Costs, Better Results: How Houston’s ETHAN Project is Transforming Emergency Medicine With Toughbook Power


As the first responders on the scene, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics traditionally conduct a preliminary evaluation of a patient before transporting them via an ambulance to a nearby emergency room. Doing this transport for each and every emergency call is costly and strains the limited supply of emergency medical resources. While many of these calls […]

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The Key to Connectivity: Considerations for Your Mobile Device


For today’s mobile worker, reliable connectivity and uninterrupted service is not just a luxury, it’s mandatory. Recent studies reveal that 59 percent of surveyed executives cite a failure to adapt to hyper-connectivity as the biggest threat to their organization. Many executives recognize that 24/7 connectivity is crucial for employees -especially in demanding working environments. For […]

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Why Utility Workers Need Rugged Mobile Devices Ready for Just About Anything


It’s rare these days to see a utility line worker on the job without some type of mobile handheld device. Utilities across the board—electric, water, oil, gas, and telecommunications—are outfitting field workers with these devices for everything from communicating with headquarters, completing and transmitting work orders, and undertaking safety audits to dispatching and routing. According […]

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