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Not Just for Manufacturing: Why Hyperconnectivity Is Relevant to Every Industry

Worker in manufacturing plant at CNC machine control panel

We’ve all heard the stories of how hyperconnectivity has the potential to reshape some industries. Manufacturers of all sectors are turning toward data-driven, “smart” manufacturing by embedding sensors, connectivity, and data analytics into industrial equipment. Logistics operators are combining telematics data, map visualizations, traffic information, and hub sensor data to collaborate and communicate with direct […]

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Bleyhl Farm Services Gains Service Advantage with Toughbook


Established in 1964, Bleyhl Farm Services provides orchard, vineyard and farm supplies to the farmers in central and eastern Washington State. The company is a cooperative owned by the farmers, and a main aspect of the company’s services is to deliver fuel, propane and diesel to the farmers for their operations. While in the field, […]

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Tough Technology Helps Keep Cold Chain Operations From Freezing Up


Some products absolutely must be kept at low temperatures while they are in transit and being stored. The science of maintaining low temperatures has been advanced so that products like foods and pharmaceuticals are kept at the correct temperature while in storage and transit or until they are ready to be consumed. However, those low temperatures are not always friendly to the people who handle […]

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5 Critical Mobile Device Features to Consider for Better Direct Store Delivery Success


Direct Store Delivery (DSD) has become a standard model for maintaining retail inventory levels of perishable food and beverages or demand frequent restocking for product freshness. The practice means the product is delivered directly to the retailer by a supplier – bypassing a central distribution center or warehouse. By bringing goods directly to the store […]

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