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Toughbook 20th Anniversary: Celebrating the Rugged Life


There’s no denying the technology advancements that have occurred over the past 20 years.  We’ve come a long way since pagers, Palm Pilots, the advent of Pokémon AND the very first Toughbook 25. Since its introduction in 1996, Toughbook devices have set the industry standard for rugged performance and reliability and continues to be the […]

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Warehouse Management and ERP Integration: Create the Complete Picture

interior of a warehouse

A Warehouse Management System supports the digitizing of all aspects of inventory control, driving reductions in both cost and fulfillment times. That said, it can’t streamline the operation on its own. In order to achieve maximum productivity and accuracy, its needs to be integrated with wider ranging business processes. A company’s WMS is a key […]

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Taking Measures: Helping Ensure Mobile Device Security [free e-book]


Today, it’s inevitable that you will perform almost all of your daily activities – whether it’s work, school or even exercise – with the use of a mobile device. Because everyone is connected more than ever and always on-the-go, access to various networks – private or public – are at an all-time high. Picture this […]

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Wyoming Highway Patrol Depends on Rugged Toughpad Tablets for Lower Device Failures


Over a year ago, Wyoming Highway Patrol was using another fully rugged solution to carry out their field reporting duties. Troopers used the devices for everything from e-citations to accident and evidence reporting. Even though the computers deployed were fully rugged, they couldn’t withstand the daily wear and tear of the job, from bumpy roads […]

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