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Defense Workers Say Investing in Rugged Computers Ensures Data Protection

Toughbook 54

A recent study conducted by Military & Aerospace Electronics revealed that an overwhelming nine out of ten respondents say it’s worth investing in rugged computers rather than risking the loss of valuable data on consumer-grade devices. Many find that while the initial sticker-price of a consumer device may seem attractive, ultimately their lack of reliability […]

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Miami-Dade County Public Schools Police Department Defends with Toughbook

Miami-Dade Schools Police Department

The Miami-Dade Schools Police Department (MDSPD) was founded in 1957 to support Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the fourth-largest school system in the U.S. The MDSPD is one of only three full-service school police departments recognized by the state of Florida’s Department of Law Enforcement and is considered a leader in school policing. As such, its […]

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