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Document Management & Imaging

A New Sales Order Entry System for a New Era in Sales

Group of business people having meeting together in modern office. Business man explaining new business ideas to colleagues.

In today’s wholesale environment, manufacturers and distributors are witnessing an innovation boom. With the advent of eCommerce, mobile sales applications, and other B2B technologies, retailers are beginning to expect a much more seamless ordering experience than that of years past. Many sales reps in wholesale distribution are still writing orders using paper order forms and […]

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The Order Tracking System: Improving B2B Customer Experiences

storage of goods in a modern warehouse

For B2B wholesale distributors and manufacturers, selecting an order tracking system is a crucial component of improving customer satisfaction related to order fulfillment. How important is an order tracking system to customer satisfaction? A recent survey by Forrester Research indicates that 78% of B2B buyers rate the ability to track and trace orders as being […]

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How a Cardiology Center Standardized their Smart Electronic Health System


Six years ago, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, President Obama earmarked tens of billions of dollars for IT professionals to aid healthcare providers in the implementation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. These systems are used by hospitals, medical offices, insurance companies and other healthcare institutions to help streamline and keep […]

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Everything is Heading to the Cloud: A Q&A with Panasonic’s Joseph Odore and Reseller Partner COLAMCO


We recently sat down with Panasonic’s Joseph Odore, Product Manager for Document Management and Imaging Solutions and Sean Salins, Director of Sales for COLAMCO to discuss recent trends they’re seeing in the industry. What are the compliance issues SMBs are most challenged with today and why? JO: Small businesses today—whether large or small—often face issues […]

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