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Field Services

Field services industry technology news and insights from Panasonic. Learn about the latest field services trends.

Field Support Is Evolving to Help CIOs Amp Customer Experience


When customers feel that their problems are addressed quickly and competently, customer loyalty improves. This isn’t rocket science. But, unfortunately, CIOs have been struggling to keep up with the exploding demand created by the ongoing digital evolution. In the United States, the average household internet speed has increased by 44% in the past year. With […]

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Executive Perspective: Panasonic’s Field Engineering Team Demonstrates Unmatched Support for Customers


At the heart of the Panasonic promise is our dedication to putting our customers’ needs above all. For Panasonic Toughbook Professional Services, this means being there when extenuating circumstances arise, because even the toughest devices need a little support. With years of experience and expertise in all things mobility, Panasonic field engineers support customers from […]

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How Customer Input Drove Improvements of the Acclaimed Toughbook 54


Since its initial release in 2015, the Panasonic Toughbook® 54 has quickly become one of our most popular rugged mobility products. Relied on by first responders, utility professionals, members of the military and more, this semi-rugged notebook turned heads with its thin profile, light weight and impressive mobile computing performance.   In fact, the Toughbook 54 […]

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To Provide a Cost Efficient Technology Tool For Livestock Feed Operations, Micro Technologies Turns to Toughbook.


When it comes to making sure that livestock is kept fed and healthy, professionals in the beef and dairy industry turn to Micro Technologies. And when Micro Technologies needed technology partner for their new computerized feed management system, they turned to Panasonic. The high tech “Read-N-Feed” system helps ensure that cattle are fed the right […]

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