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Field Services

Field services industry technology news and insights from Panasonic. Learn about the latest field services trends.

Managed Mobility Services: The Key to a Smooth Field Service Technology Launch


Donald B. Stephens is an author and freelance writer who has 32 years of experience in the field service industry working for the Xerox Corporation.  His years of personal, hands-on experience in field service make him uniquely qualified to write on the requirements and unique challenges field service IT organizations and techs face daily in […]

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Investing in Mobile for Field Service Techs: A Few Points to Consider


Field-service technicians’ mobile devices must be as rugged as the environments they work in. The functional ability of their mobile technology is essential to job performance and productivity. Running machine diagnostics, service call documenting and reporting, communication between other technicians and their customers–nearly all of what field service reps do in a day’s work depends […]

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Common Denominators in Mobile Service – What Field Service Organizations are Looking to Solve with Mobile


Field service organizations demand certain features as they search for the perfect mobile application. Invest in a solution that addresses the industry’s most pressing needs. It’s human nature to want what other people want. If I get a recommendation for out-of-this world meat loaf at a restaurant, I’m going to order the meat loaf. If […]

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Rugged Mobile Devices Provide New Gateways to Augmented Reality for Utilities

Erik De Castro/Reuters

The utility industry is facing challenges it hasn’t seen before as alternative providers come to market and bring new technologies that help them address old problems. Augmented reality promises to help reduce costs of maintenance, make operations safer and increase first-call resolution rates. As more systems and equipment are developedable to support these concepts and operations, the promise […]

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