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Panasonic Utilizes Rugged Mobility Products to Deliver Secure Healthcare Connectivity

Healthcare Connectivity

According to a HIMSS 2016 Connected Health Care study, results show that 52 percent of the hospitals represented use three or more connected health care technologies. Of those respondents, 69 percent are utilizing mobile optimized patient portals and indicated that the attention to a mobile environment expands the capability to send and receive data securely. […]

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How a Cardiology Center Standardized their Smart Electronic Health System


Six years ago, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, President Obama earmarked tens of billions of dollars for IT professionals to aid healthcare providers in the implementation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. These systems are used by hospitals, medical offices, insurance companies and other healthcare institutions to help streamline and keep […]

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How RFID Can Benefit Your Healthcare IT Clients

Healthcare- Blog format

Although RFID (radio frequency identification) technologies are often thought of as a manufacturing and distribution tool, the use of the RFID in healthcare settings has become increasingly common and offers unique benefits to healthcare IT leaders. RFID’s foray into the healthcare scene began primarily with manufacturers and wholesalers, who used the technology as a way […]

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