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Micro Technologies Drives Agriculture Growth with Panasonic


Micro Technologies helps keep livestock well fed and healthy as its customers use the company’s software application, “Read-N-Feed” to keep track of the details. Micro Technologies is focused on helping farmers and livestock operators optimize the nutrition and cost of their feed operations with the Read-N-Feed application running on Panasonic Toughbook mobile devices. Customers have […]

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New IDC Study: The Business Case for Rugged


No one can deny that mobile technology has dramatically changed the way people work. From increasing worker productivity in the field to improving real-time customer service, mobility offers companies and agencies more flexibility, which impacts the bottom line. But there are risks with these new rewards. From inevitable drops or usage in extreme conditions, mobile […]

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Increasing Visibility Across the Food Supply Chain with Mobile Solutions


With new FSMA regulations one of the major challenges for food producers will be the issue of visibility across the supply chain process. Now, the increasingly multifaceted supply chain system, which for years has depended on legacy systems and a paper-based data collection process, will be expected to modernize with rugged mobile solutions and improve […]

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6 Simple Strategies to Decrease Supply Chain Costs

Thomas White/Reuters

Economic global growth is affecting multiple business sectors, not the least of which is the warehouse industry and other hidden supply chain costs. From the explosion of activity within the ecommerce retail sector to mobile-enabled business growth in developing nations, the impact of economic growth is affecting warehouse operators around the globe. While this rise […]

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