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Mobile Computing

Trending at PROMAT 2017 – Mobile & Cloud Transform the Supply Chain


Today’s supply chain is increasingly dependent on the use of mobile technology to move goods from supplier to consumer quickly and efficiently. Attendees at this year’s PROMAT Conference are looking for solutions that can combine multiple capabilities into portable computing systems that can withstand the rigors of warehouse and outdoor use for long workdays. Here […]

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Get Equipped to Manage the New Wave of Energy Generating Consumers


Electrical generation is no longer entirely the domain of large centralized energy companies. Two segments of electricity consumers are becoming significant contributors because of the availability of renewable energy systems like solar and wind generation. Energy production frequently exceeds their consumption needs and the excess power is being fed back into the electric grid. This […]

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Prepare Your Field Workforce for the IoT Era in 2017


The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a vague futuristic vision. IoT devices already populate a wide variety of products, tools and machinery. And whether you consider Gartner’s estimate of 25 billion things or Cisco’s estimate of 50 billion, the year 2020 will see intelligent devices connecting all kinds of products and connecting to service technicians […]

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