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Public Safety

Public safety technology news, insights and opinion from Panasonic. Learn about the latest law enforcement, fire and EMS technologies and trends.

The Top 6 Reasons Why eCitations Are Better Than Paper


Ravi Panjwani is the Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Brother Mobile Solutions. Law enforcement agencies are increasingly eschewing pen and paper in favor of mobile technology to automate the citation process. eCitations allow officers to print legible tickets on the spot, while automatically transmitting digital information about the incident to municipal, police […]

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New IDC Study: The Business Case for Rugged


No one can deny that mobile technology has dramatically changed the way people work. From increasing worker productivity in the field to improving real-time customer service, mobility offers companies and agencies more flexibility, which impacts the bottom line. But there are risks with these new rewards. From inevitable drops or usage in extreme conditions, mobile […]

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Law Enforcement Mobility Trends: What Features Can Your Agency Benefit From?


With the variety of mobile computing options on the market today, law enforcement officials can deploy a mobile laptop, tablet or 2-in-1 hybrid device that best meets the needs of their agency. While taking into account the various activities carried out on a daily basis, from managing e-citations, accident and evidence reporting, to various environmental […]

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