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Configuring Your Mobile Device: A Guide to Panasonic Customization Services


Today’s workforce has come to rely on mobile solutions designed to perform in the most demanding environments, be it the factory shop floor or on the battlefield.  But being rugged is only the beginning of the story – today’s demanding workers need a device fine tuned to the specific challenges they face. Many business leaders […]

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Tough Jobs in the Public Sector Need Tough Devices


Whether it’s law enforcement, fire and rescue, emergency medical services, public works, or social services, public sector organizations have one thing in common: helping and protecting the public. Public sector employees must be able to be productive and communicate effectively, securely and quickly, from any location, at any time, in all types of situations. And […]

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The Future of Mobility: Are We Asking the Right questions?


In the 2000 documentary No Maps for These Territories, science fiction author William Gibson remarks, “I think we live in an incomprehensible present.” An expert quoted in The New York Times insists that “we’ve reached a new level where nobody knows what’s going to happen.” I disagree. The present is understandable and it is possible to make foresight-rich preparations […]

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North Carolina Sets Aggressive Pace to Phase Out 911 Tech from the 1960s


Panasonic Toughbook delivers rugged mobility solutions to the public sector, where every minute counts in an emergency. Read on to learn how North Carolina is investing in mobile technology. In the pre-mobile device days of 911, systems could identify the address of a caller and that was enough. There was a physical location tied to […]

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