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Security on the move: protecting your mobile workforce


Organizations with mobile workforces face serious challenges when it comes to their overall cybersecurity posture. As more users leverage laptops, tablets, smartphones and other portable devices, security risks begin to increase in three areas which can be simply categorized as: What users bring in to the environment What users take out of the environment An […]

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Digital Revolution Opens a World of Opportunity for Better Government Service


Panasonic Toughbook provides flexible mobile solutions which open up new opportunities for digital transformation and on-the-go service for federal civilian and defense workers. Read on to learn more about the digital revolution in the government sector.  The expanding capabilities and widespread adoption of digital technologies in the private sector amounts to our latest industrial revolution.  This […]

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Webinar: Mobile Computing Insights from Public Safety Industry Veterans


With mobile computing trends are advancing at a rapid pace, advice, input and lessons learned from fire, EMS and law enforcement industry veterans can offer great insight to agencies deploying rugged computers, tablets and handheld devices. Firehouse and recently held a webinar featuring two public sector veterans, with more than 75 years of combined […]

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Uninterrupted Operations Through Responsive Maintenance


The reliability of Panasonic’s rugged mobility devices enables real-time data and preemptive troubleshooting in the field. This article describes how manufacturers can use sensors, data, and analytics for predictive maintenance. When large-scale manufacturers take a reactive approach to maintenance—only servicing equipment after a breakdown—it leads to increased operational costs and raised cost of lost opportunity. […]

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