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Toughbook 20th Anniversary: Celebrating the Rugged Life


There’s no denying the technology advancements that have occurred over the past 20 years.  We’ve come a long way since pagers, Palm Pilots, the advent of Pokémon AND the very first Toughbook 25. Since its introduction in 1996, Toughbook devices have set the industry standard for rugged performance and reliability and continues to be the […]

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Taking Measures: Helping Ensure Mobile Device Security [free e-book]


Today, it’s inevitable that you will perform almost all of your daily activities – whether it’s work, school or even exercise – with the use of a mobile device. Because everyone is connected more than ever and always on-the-go, access to various networks – private or public – are at an all-time high. Picture this […]

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Mobility Market Trends: Direct Store Delivery Challenges and Opportunities


Direct store delivery (DSD) suppliers are increasingly leveraging mobile and wireless technology to meet the CPG industry’s time-sensitive needs and complex technical requirements. The product inventory, delivery status, pricing changes and shelf labeling coordination required between CPGs, retailers and DSD suppliers is a technological challenge affecting profit margins across the supply chain. To address the […]

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Panasonic Toughbook Laptops Keeps Motorcycles Healthy


Owners of motorcycles are often obsessed with the vehicles quality & performance.  Motorcycle manufacturers understand this and in order to keep their customers’ bikes running smoothly, skillfully tuning a bike’s engine during routine maintenance is an absolute must. In addition, when routine maintenance is performed properly it proves to be highly cost effective. With Panasonic’s […]

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