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Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain

Learn about the latest mobility technologies and trends being implemented by leading transportation, logistics and supply chain companies.

Security on the move: protecting your mobile workforce


Organizations with mobile workforces face serious challenges when it comes to their overall cybersecurity posture. As more users leverage laptops, tablets, smartphones and other portable devices, security risks begin to increase in three areas which can be simply categorized as: What users bring in to the environment What users take out of the environment An […]

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Noregon Delivers Improved Customer Service for the Trucking Industry with Mobile Solutions at Service Centers


For the trucking industry to be profitable, delivery vehicles must be repaired quickly and efficiently when they require maintenance. Transportation companies simply cannot make money when their trucks are in repair shops instead of out on the roads making deliveries, and well-equipped service centers are crucial to guaranteeing uninterrupted service. To help transportation and logistics […]

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3 Ways to Leverage Mobile Solutions for Warehousing and Fulfillment


The “Amazonification” of the supply chain is transforming B2B and B2C marketplaces alike, requiring all parties in the supply chain to digitize. The pressure is on to create an omnichannel, seamless, and high-quality customer experience. In order to deliver on consumers’ increased expectations, e-commerce companies and retailers are demanding capabilities like drop shipping from their […]

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