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Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain

Learn about the latest mobility technologies and trends being implemented by leading transportation, logistics and supply chain companies.

What Sets Supply Chain Optimization Leaders Apart from the Crowd?

Dmytro Loboda

Research shows that 92% of companies want to use mobility to make their supply chains more event-driven, promote warehouse and transportation efficiency, and make omni-channel fulfillment more profitable. Given the ever-growing demand for consumers to order from anywhere, fulfill from anywhere, and return to anywhere, the overwhelming desire to optimize the supply chain shouldn’t come […]

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Executive Perspective: Disruptive Handheld Solutions for the Logistics Industry


For decades, Panasonic has pioneered handheld computing and barcode scanning globally, refining and optimizing the technology based on user feedback. Two years ago, armed with that rich customer insight, Panasonic Mobility introduced its first handheld tablets, the Toughpad® FZ-E1 and Toughpad FZ-X1 in the U.S. In that time, Michael Smola, Director of Enterprise Sales for Panasonic Mobility […]

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The Changing Transportation Dynamic in the Supply Chain and How Mobility Can Help


The increase in consumer online purchasing is only one of the factors pushing logistics organizations or companies to improve their performance while maintaining profitability. Based on a recent survey performed by a transportation and logistics software provider, operators are facing challenges on several fronts. Moving goods through the supply chain has become a centerpiece of commerce […]

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Improve Driver Safety With Mobility on the Road [Infographic]


Mobile workers often utilize computers, tablets and handheld devices like Panasonic Toughbook solutions, not just on-site, but also in-vehicle.  Many Toughbook customers have asked our Panasonic ProServices team to audit their vehicles to uncover safety and productivity issues. From field service organizations, to utilities and logistics companies, we’ve seen drivers come up with their own […]

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