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Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain

Learn about the latest mobility technologies and trends being implemented by leading transportation, logistics and supply chain companies.

Advanced Mobility: The Digital Transformation in the Warehouse


Eighty percent of the 30 million warehouse workers worldwide are still using pen and paper in a physically-in­tensive environment that increasingly demands accuracy and real time feedback. Let’s face it – this isn’t good news from an efficiency perspective. Distribution centers large and small are missing out on increased productivity and visibility into their supply […]

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6 ways data is taking over retail


Retailers now swim in more data than they know what to do with. And they’re working overtime to digest that data — collected from e-commerce transactions and via merchandising, CRM and POS systems — to glean useful insights. Many are turning to predictive analytics in an effort to use cutting-edge data science to forecast trends […]

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How the Connected World Impacts Business Operations: A Peek Behind the Curtain


Within most industries today, discussions are occurring among leaders about connected customers and their needs. From healthcare to manufacturing and even the food industry, smart technologies have had a profound effect on business operations by directly putting the connected customer at the center of business decisions, and the supply chain is the ultimate glue holding […]

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Meeting The Challenge of Electronic Logging With Mobility


New transportation regulations will soon have an impact across multiple business sectors, not just the transportation industry. Moving assets and equipment across the supply chain extends to a number of diverse industries, including oil and gas, heavy construction, mining, and utilities. Recent federal mandates for Electronic Logging Devices (ELD), set to go into effect by […]

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