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Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain

Learn about the latest mobility technologies and trends being implemented by leading transportation, logistics and supply chain companies.

Help for Commerce Hubs in Battle of Spotty Connectivity and Mobile Technology Performance

Logistic photo of a port cargo operations. Crane loading and discharging containers from the ship. Paranagua, Brazil.

Ports are the hubs of commerce where goods are transferred from one mode of transportation to another in what is referred to as intermodal transport. Typical ports include sea-borne container vessels, railway cars, and roadway trucks. Transferring the containers that carry the products between those shipping modes and carriers is a complex and fast moving […]

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Winn Solutions Increases Customer Satisfaction and Boosts Business Growth With Panasonic Handhelds


Creating a digital chain of custody to track accountable items can be a logistical nightmare for many industries, including financial services, transportation, retail and government. Winn Solutions has developed a software solution to track assets, mail, packages and any accountable item’s movement within an organization throughout its lifecycle, by scanning barcodes with rugged handheld devices. […]

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The Order Tracking System: Improving B2B Customer Experiences

storage of goods in a modern warehouse

For B2B wholesale distributors and manufacturers, selecting an order tracking system is a crucial component of improving customer satisfaction related to order fulfillment. How important is an order tracking system to customer satisfaction? A recent survey by Forrester Research indicates that 78% of B2B buyers rate the ability to track and trace orders as being […]

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Bleyhl Farm Services Gains Service Advantage with Toughbook


Established in 1964, Bleyhl Farm Services provides orchard, vineyard and farm supplies to the farmers in central and eastern Washington State. The company is a cooperative owned by the farmers, and a main aspect of the company‚Äôs services is to deliver fuel, propane and diesel to the farmers for their operations. While in the field, […]

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