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The Future of Mobility: Are We Asking the Right questions?


In the 2000 documentary No Maps for These Territories, science fiction author William Gibson remarks, “I think we live in an incomprehensible present.” An expert quoted in The New York Times insists that “we’ve reached a new level where nobody knows what’s going to happen.” I disagree. The present is understandable and it is possible to make foresight-rich preparations […]

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3 Questions to Ask when Buying Mobile Tech for Enterprise


What defines a rugged device? Recently, IndustryWeek asked their readers that very question. Polling readers, an IndustryWeek quiz gauged their knowledge of industry standards for ruggedness and safety, two critical factors mobile workers in manufacturing or industrial plants must consider when operating in extreme, and often dangerous, work conditions. Capturing the results of the IndustryWeek […]

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