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New IDC Study: The Business Case for Rugged


No one can deny that mobile technology has dramatically changed the way people work. From increasing worker productivity in the field to improving real-time customer service, mobility offers companies and agencies more flexibility, which impacts the bottom line. But there are risks with these new rewards. From inevitable drops or usage in extreme conditions, mobile […]

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Why Multi-Channel Retail Stock Management Might Just Be the Holy Grail…


The quest for the perfect multi-channel retail stock management system begins and ends with inventory. Every item on every shelf represents cash that’s working for your business, but is that cash working as efficiently as it could be? Too much stock means cash is idle, while too little stock loses you potential profits through unsatisfied […]

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Increasing Visibility Across the Food Supply Chain with Mobile Solutions


With new FSMA regulations one of the major challenges for food producers will be the issue of visibility across the supply chain process. Now, the increasingly multifaceted supply chain system, which for years has depended on legacy systems and a paper-based data collection process, will be expected to modernize with rugged mobile solutions and improve […]

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Local Police Department Leverages Durable Computing Solution to Help Mobilize Officers


A little over four years ago, a police department in the southern part of the U.S. was struggling with constant computer reliability issues, from hard drive crashes to replacing screens to failure issues due to extreme temperatures. When a computer stopped working in the field, officers had to leave their patrol and return to the […]

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