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Florida State University is Winning with 3D


Shooting sports video in 3D is Florida State University’s secret weapon, according a recent article by Sports Video Group. FSU has been a pioneering college football program in the field of 3D, using the depth to provide additional insights for research and recruiting efforts. The Director of FSU’s Seminole Productions, Mark Rodin, spearheads the initiative […]

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Bringing in the Experts: Panasonic Takes Advice from Hollywood Pros in Developing Home Theater Projectors


Movies are made to be viewed in a theater, on the big screen, so when they’re seen at home, it’s possible that aspects of the filmmaker’s vision may be lost. Home theater enthusiasts, who invest heavily in their systems, strive to recreate the big screen experience. To achieve this goal, engineering products that allow movies […]

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Professional Displays Bring Olympic Fever to Life


Dating back to the 1992 games in Barcelona, Spain, Panasonic displays have played a key role in delivering the Olympic experience through broadcasters and at the events themselves. State-of-the-art professional flat panel displays and large-screen Astrovision video boards allow viewers at the venues to see the action up close, while the displays and production monitors […]

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Panasonic AV Technology Helps to Share Passion of the 2012 London Olympic Games


The London 2012 Olympics have arrived! With billions eagerly watching the Games, Panasonic is proud to provide its world-class pro AV equipment once again, ensuring that audiences around the world experience the Olympics as if they’re in London. This year marks the thirteenth time Panasonic has provided AV technology in support of the Olympic Games […]

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