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case study

Innovative System for the Energy Industry to Detect Gas Leaks Relies on Panasonic Toughbook Mobile Devices


What happens when you take former NASA engineers, cutting-edge sensors designed to sniff out methane gas, a fleet of drones and add in some Panasonic Toughbook magic? For the team at SeekOps the answer is an unparalleled system for efficiently and accurately detecting methane gas leaks that present a safety risk for the oil and […]

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Noregon Delivers Improved Customer Service for the Trucking Industry with Mobile Solutions at Service Centers


For the trucking industry to be profitable, delivery vehicles must be repaired quickly and efficiently when they require maintenance. Transportation companies simply cannot make money when their trucks are in repair shops instead of out on the roads making deliveries, and well-equipped service centers are crucial to guaranteeing uninterrupted service. To help transportation and logistics […]

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Global Aerospace Leader Sets Sights on Manufacturing Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance with Rugged Mobile Tech


When you’re entrusted with the design, production and maintenance of multimillion dollar aircraft, your technology infrastructure must be as reliable as the commercial airplanes we rely on for safe air travel. When a global aerospace manufacturer with a high-demand production schedule needed to find new efficiencies and transition from pen and paper, they turned to […]

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AV Concepts and Panasonic Team Up to Create a 360-Degree Panoramic Experience


AV Concepts enlisted Panasonic to help create an immersive experience for a gathering of global thought leaders at a recent conference. The conference wanted to transform the venue into an immersive, panoramic environment.  However, AV Concepts and its partner agency, Rezin8, were faced with several obstacles, including the small size of the room, which hindered […]

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