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The Future of Retail is Now: Trends in Mobile Retail Technology

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At the NRF 2018 Retail’s Big Show & EXPO, Panasonic showcased the future of mobile retail solutions, demonstrating how integrating mobile technology into the retail space can allow for a seamless experience, from warehouse to front of store.  Our retail clients have experienced firsthand how their industry is changing and have looked to Panasonic’s hardware, […]

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The Panasonic Promise: Powering the Future of Work


Magnus McDermid brings more than 25 years of sales, marketing and operational experience in the mobile computing sector serving as Senior Vice President, Mobility Group, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America. He concurrently acts as Vice-President of the Enterprise Solutions Division at Panasonic Canada Inc. Magnus regularly meets with Toughbook customers and partners to discuss […]

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Combining Portability and Multi-Function Capabilities: How Rugged Handheld Devices Tackle the Unique Challenges of Field Service


 As technology advances, the number of mobility solutions on the market continues to expand at a rapid pace, leaving companies with a difficult decision as they search for deployment options. For today’s field service operations, the goal of any technology purchase should be making operations more efficient, productive, accurate and profitable. When it comes to […]

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The CIO Challenge: People Are Driving the Future of Mobility


Mobility is an enormous trend in the modern workforce. It seems everyone who works is now connected via a mobile device. With phones, pads, phablets, tablets, and ultra-lightweight laptops, there’s no shortage of mobile devices being juggled about the workplace. However, simply using these gadgets hardly means an organization is embracing the power of mobility. […]

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