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mobile computing

Technology to the Rescue


Rugged Toughbook and Toughpad solutions help teams around the world stay connected through challenging conditions. Read on to learn more about how businesses are planning for disaster recovery scenarios. Organizations are turning to a growing range of technology products to aid in disaster recovery and business continuity. The trio of powerful hurricanes that impacted Florida, Texas, […]

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In 2018, Data Drives Retail Tech Investments, Both in the Warehouse and on the Sales Floor


In the age of e-commerce and the digital transformation, consumer expectations have undergone massive shifts. Consumers demand delivery of products in as little as a few hours and a more personalized shopping experience than ever before. They have the ability to price compare on-the-go and have a multitude of options beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar landscape. […]

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Combining Portability and Multi-Function Capabilities: How Rugged Handheld Devices Tackle the Unique Challenges of Field Service


 As technology advances, the number of mobility solutions on the market continues to expand at a rapid pace, leaving companies with a difficult decision as they search for deployment options. For today’s field service operations, the goal of any technology purchase should be making operations more efficient, productive, accurate and profitable. When it comes to […]

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How connected devices are revolutionizing mobile field services


While the impressive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is often measured in revenue for the devices that enable it, the “soft revenue” potential is even more impressive. Connected devices, supported by analytics and software, are boosting efficiencies in business, shortening sales cycles, improving customer satisfaction, and eliminating the need to pay human workers […]

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The Key to Connectivity: Considerations for Your Mobile Device


For today’s mobile worker, reliable connectivity and uninterrupted service is not just a luxury, it’s mandatory. Recent studies reveal that 59 percent of surveyed executives cite a failure to adapt to hyper-connectivity as the biggest threat to their organization. Many executives recognize that 24/7 connectivity is crucial for employees -especially in demanding working environments. For […]

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