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To Provide a Cost Efficient Technology Tool For Livestock Feed Operations, Micro Technologies Turns to Toughbook.


When it comes to making sure that livestock is kept fed and healthy, professionals in the beef and dairy industry turn to Micro Technologies. And when Micro Technologies needed technology partner for their new computerized feed management system, they turned to Panasonic. The high tech “Read-N-Feed” system helps ensure that cattle are fed the right […]

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Uninterrupted Operations Through Responsive Maintenance


The reliability of Panasonic’s rugged mobility devices enables real-time data and preemptive troubleshooting in the field. This article describes how manufacturers can use sensors, data, and analytics for predictive maintenance. When large-scale manufacturers take a reactive approach to maintenance—only servicing equipment after a breakdown—it leads to increased operational costs and raised cost of lost opportunity. […]

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Noregon Delivers Improved Customer Service for the Trucking Industry with Mobile Solutions at Service Centers


For the trucking industry to be profitable, delivery vehicles must be repaired quickly and efficiently when they require maintenance. Transportation companies simply cannot make money when their trucks are in repair shops instead of out on the roads making deliveries, and well-equipped service centers are crucial to guaranteeing uninterrupted service. To help transportation and logistics […]

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