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Enabling Automotive and Large Equipment Service Professionals with Mobile Technology


Vehicles, whether they are passenger cars, long haul freight carriers, or earth moving equipment have become reliant on electronics and other technology to run and optimize the engines, enable the various functions the vehicle performs, and to diagnose problems. And because vehicles can be located anywhere out on the road or in the field when service is needed, technicians need reliable and adaptable mobile computing devices that perform under adverse […]

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What Does the Next Generation of Field Mobility Solutions Look Like?


Survey says…not quite what you may have expected. Check out the results of a recent Field Technologies Online survey on mobile field service solutions and professionals in our infographic – see what your peers think the next generation of field mobility solutions look like – do you agree? A few highlights: Though mobile solution deployment has come a long […]

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State of Field Mobility in 2017


With field service organizations undergoing a dramatic evolution they are faced with the challenge of meeting growing customer expectations and demands in a climate that is shifting faster than ever. Field Technologies Online surveyed 321 subscribers, and 49 percent responded that their primary objective with their field mobility investment is maximizing productivity, but what’s the […]

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